Yago Cesario Champion’s Perspective: 2012 Karting Scholarship Shootout

Well I have had a dream of being a professional racing driver since the first I drove a kart, but we all know how difficult it is. I heard about the Skip Barber Racing School Karting Shootout in 2010 and showed it to my father as soon as I could.

So we planned on going to the karting shootout in 2011, but when the time came, we couldn’t go because of my father’s business and money. We decided on saving money to participate in the Karting Shootout in 2012.

I did my 3-Day Racing School at Sebring about two weeks before the karting shootout, and although I did not have problems adapting to the car, I knew that it would be difficult to be in the top 5 in the shootout.

I tried to use and remember all the feedback that I received in those 3 days. When I arrived at VIR my father told me that I didn’t have to win because even if I didn’t win any scholarship he would try to pay for me and my twin brother to race in the Skip Barber Race Series.

To tell the truth I didn’t expect to win because I didn’t have the experience in cars that other some of the other racing drivers had, but I knew that if I wanted to race in 2013 I had to win because my father didn’t have the money to pay for me and my brother to race. So I put my whole effort into this.

When I got the time sheet for the first session and saw I was first, I realized that I had a real chance of winning. I pushed myself even harder to continue to be fast and not make mistakes. By receiving all the feedback and paying attention to all the details of the track, I lead all of the four sessions. But in the last one, I spun when I was trying to be faster, even though I was the fastest already.

This mistake cost me 15 points, but fortunately, I had some points ahead of second place so I still won the shootout.

But the difference was just 0.25 points from the second. I know that I improved a lot in those 3 days of the Karting Shootout. Actually I have never improved so much as I improved in this 3 days, but I know that I still have a lot to improve and that winning the Karting Shootout is just the first step on my road to INDY. That’s why I continue training here in Brazil to be at my best when Summer Series presented by Mazda starts.